Let's get Phygital!

We'll help you unlock your digital potential.

Based in Andorra, MintyPASS is a strategic & creative digital Agency that helps businesses and startups achieve their phygital goals.
We are an international team of experts focused in developing the most outstanding digital products and services, creating branding that impresses, and working with bespoke companies, agencies, and freelancers worldwide.

Shaping awesome brands and products digitally.

Discover MintyPASS: an award-winning ELLE talent project based in Andorra. With a cutting-edge team, we make digitally possible your projects and ideas. We help startups and brands design, build, launch and scale amazing products and services. From strategy web design & development, branding, digital marketing, e-commerce, and influencer marketing.

Building unique digital products and services that keep your customers engaged.

Internet is a place.

We focus on Mobile-first experiences, from products and services to websites and digital go-to-market to win in an omnichannel ecosystem.

We work with your team to fully capture your most important brand’s messages that will be the essential part of your phygital strategy, combining functionality and innovations coming from our experience and the brands we work with, as well as industry trends.
As a customer, you get the chance to see our progress from concept to reality.
We are mobile-first.

Let's create digital value together

We’ll be there for you in the path to building a successful online service. From defining the business model to the product creation. From helping you acquiring and converting, to helping you retain and growth your customer base.